unaussprechlichen (jamie_miller) wrote in louisvilleshows,

south end show @ dixie wick's

(does anybody go to the shows posted on this LJ community any more?)

So ... last month Brother Doubt "won" a battle of the bands at the Wick's on Dixie Highway.

On Saturday we return for round two.

I have heard that two of our competitors will be Snake Eyed Savior (a local metal band) and The Trouble With Boys ... a local pop punk band comprised entirely of preteens.

The phrase I've been using is "cultural non sequitur."

Anyway, it will be entertaining at the very least. We have a few surprises up our sleeves.

at Wick's, 10966 Dixie Hwy, near the Gene Snyder. South End!

We go on at 8 PM.

You're invited. Come drink beer, eat pizza, and enjoy the cognitive dissonance.
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